Maya Lifestyle – JJP | NC Lifestyle Photography

A few weeks ago I got to meet sweet Maya! I just loved watching her big brothers love on her…okay, mostly ignore her but I know they love her so so much. Her brothers actually watched videos and ate mac ‘n cheese during the whole session while they were not in the pictures. Lol! They were cooperative during their time! They even had time after the indoor pictures to get outside and ride on their bike and scooter.

Her mom, though, man she is like a super hero in my eyes! She is the definition of a seasoned mom. She walked around the kitchen nursing Maya and when she wasn’t doing that, she was tending to her boys. She even found time to chit chat with me, too! The multi-tasking of a mother never ceases to amaze me.

And let’s not forget Maya’s dad! He is just smitten over his little girl. I could tell that in just the short time I was around them. When she needed to be changed, he didn’t hesitate for one second to volunteer to tend to her. He’s also the best swaddling dad I’ve ever seen! He swaddled her with so much ease….he might even have me beat!

After we did the majority of the session in their home, we went over to their land to take a few there. We stopped on the coolest covered bridge and snapped a few! It’s not every day that people have covered bridges on their property. We ended the session by the donkey pen. Although we didn’t get to see the donkeys, we did use their fence for a couple of pictures.

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