Baby Carter’s Arrival

A couple of weeks ago sweet Carter made his way into this crazy world. His birth wasn’t like anything any of us had expected but he is here and he is healthy and THAT is all that MATTERS.


Brittany contacted me Friday morning and said she was at 4 cm so I said “Okay, I’ll get ready. Just keep me updated.” Kyle contacted just a short while later and said Brittany was 6 cm dilated. She was moving quickly so I rushed to the hospital! I got there at 2:00 Friday afternoon. Brittany got checked again and nothing had changed. A few hours passed, check again. Still no change.


At 11 pm that night the nurses stopped the Pit because sweet Carter’s heart rate kept declining. Thankfully he recovered and went right back to a healthy beat each time. I decided it was time for me to go home for the night and I would come back in the morning. I got home, took a shower (just in case they called me during the night), and fell asleep about 1 am.

Kyle called me at 6 am on Saturday morning and told me they were getting ready to do a c-section. That was the safest option for little Carter to make his appearance so that’s what they did. I got to the hospital a few minutes later. Gathered by their family, we all had a prayer for Brittany, Kyle, and sweet Carter. **Cue the tears!*

Brittany was taken back for a section a little after 9 am on Saturday October 13th and just a bit later, Carter was born. He was 5 lbs 7 oz of PURE SWEETNESS. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go back in the OR but I gave my primary camera to Kyle and he passed it onto a nurse. (Thank you, nurse! ;)) She captured some fleeting memories for the Lonesky family that would have otherwise been missed.

I got my camera back from her just as they were wheeling Carter upstairs to the nursery. I followed behind and never left his side.


Thank you to Halifax Regional Medical Center for always being so accommodating to my clients and to me!


Enjoy a few of my favorite images below. It’s A LOT!


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