Baby Emmett’s Birth

ONE YEAR! It’s been one whole year since Emmett made his appearance into this world and I still remember every little detail.

It was only the second birth I’ve ever photographed but it’s still the longest to date. I was there about 24 hours, actually.  I arrived at the hospital on Saturday afternoon about 4:00. Kelsey was progressing slowly so around 3:00 on Sunday morning, I went home to get some rest. Mind you, I was 32 weeks pregnant myself. I remember before I left the hospital to get some rest, I had pushed 2 chairs together to make myself and my big ol’ belly a bed. I’m sure that was a sight to see!

Kelsey called me at 6 am and told me she was 7 cm and things “would start picking up”. Well they didn’t. She started pushing between 10 and 11 that morning and Emmett wasn’t born until about 3:00 that afternoon! She pushed for so long that I had to take a snack break. (I remember having to eat an apple turnover that Nick got out of their fridge for me.)  I am so proud of Kelsey for not giving up and for pushing through the fatigue and pain she felt to meet her sweet baby.

The joy I witnessed when Kelsey and Nick found out their 9 pound rainbow baby was a BOY is a joy I will never forget. I’m so grateful to have been there and documented this special time for their family!


P.S. I am so thankful that I get to tell my clients’ birth stories from my point of view. There is nothing better, to me, than watching a birth story unfold and getting to document it every step of the way.


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